Speaker, Coach & Host of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man”

Kevin Bulmer

 We say we want to grow
Yet growth requires change
Which most fear & resist
There you have the challenge

That’s where I can help.

Hi, I’m Kevin.

I help small businesses maximize their marketing & productivity while empowering individuals to uncover and embrace their true passion & potential.

Put more simply: I have a knack for helping people see who they really are, at work at and home, and I love working with them to bring more of that out, creating positive change and generating better results.

I do this as a speaker, coach and host of a podcast called “Journeys with the No Schedule Man.” You’ll find more information on all of that here on my website. Stay as long as you like and please take whatever you think might help.

Thanks for visiting & best wishes always,

Kevin Bulmer


“I think my exact words were, ‘I feel like I could lift a building right now,’ because I was just so empowered by your presentation … It blew me out of the water. It was what I was expecting and then some and more after that. It was really, really impressive.”
– Stephanie McGill, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of London & Region: ZEN Brain Conference


“Kevin Bulmer’s Turtle Tribe is a fun and welcoming community where we get to share our personal and professional growth journeys. Having like-minded people from around the world to collaborate with is awesome. We give and receive encouragement as we empower each other to become our greatest selves. I believe in the power of community and Kevin has certainly created a platform for us to collectively thrive. Kevin is authentic, creative, and passionate about what he does. He provides great value in the Turtle Tribe and I’ve received much benefit from all his videos, tools, and other resources that he wholeheartedly shares.”
– Nancy Rose


You are an amazing interviewer. Amazing. Probably the best interviewer I’ve worked with ever.”
–  Amanda Weber, Happiness Coach

Kevin, you are a master. You are a master at this.”
– Susan Kovacs, High Performance Coach & Author

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Gear Up Your Marketing Results: The Advertising Tune-up for Small Business & Entrepreneurs

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The Turtle Tribe – Online Coaching Community

Kevin Bulmer Turtle TribeThe Turtle Tribe is Kevin’s exclusive online coaching community for creative collaboration on matters of personal and professional growth. The aim is to encourage and empower each other as we each learn and grow on our respective journeys.

You can be a part of The Turtle Tribe for less than a dollar a day, and can even try it out for FREE for a week to see how you like it!

>>Click Here << to learn more and to be a part of The Turtle Tribe.

What current Turtle Tribe members are saying:

“It is an honor to be part of the Turtle Tribe. It is a very special group of friends that inspire and support me in my path of growth and success. I truly dance and sing when I am listening to Kevin’ words. His energy is contagious and a bless in my life. To all my turtle tribe friends I love you so much!”
– Maria Laura Gaspar

“I found the Turtle Tribe or should I say The Turtle tribe found me, in a time of need, in a time I was feeling completely alone and hopeless, but now that loneliness and hopelessness has transformed into new opportunities for learning about myself and sharing the process of awareness with others in the same path. Thank you Kevin for putting together this wonderful group and for being there in this time of need.”
– Francisco Anglade

“My experience with the Turtle Tribe has been nothing short of fantastic.  The people in the Tribe are concerned,  conscious, giving people who are willing to be vulnerable when asking for help. Our Tribe leader,  Kevin has the energy of a Energizer bunny while having the patience of the best friend you could ever ask for. His diligence with keeping up with relevance within the community is amazing.  I don’t know how he does it. If you’re welcomed into our Tribe feel honored and come with your thinking cap and expertise of your own!”
– Cheryl Parker

“When you’re part of the Turtle Tribe, you are never alone. You share and have access to useful information, encouragement, inspiration, strategies.”
– Florence Reymond

Want to get the gist of it? Watch “The Elephant & The Hourglass”

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Kevin Bulmer Coaching - Certified Coaches Federation

Kevin is a certified life & executive coach who works with both individuals and businesses. He helps you discover, set and achieve goals that will make the most positive impact to you. Kevin offers a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching opportunities and also hosts an online coaching community called “The Turtle Tribe” (see above for more on the Tribe)

Learn more about Kevin’s Coaching: >>Click Here <<

Contact Kevin to inquire as to whether or not he’d be the right coaching fit for you:

Click Here or reach out to Kevin directly:

Call: 226-884-7129


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PODCAST – “Journeys with the No Schedule Man”

Journeys with the No Schedule Man LogoThe name “No Schedule Man” has followed Kevin around since he wrote a song of the same name in 2007. To be a “No Schedule Man” is to accept impermanence, embrace change and always be moving forward while letting go of what cannot be controlled.

“Journeys with the No Schedule Man” celebrates that spirit, exploring and encouraging personal & professional growth by discovering and sharing the journeys of real people who have challenged themselves to expand and grow into their potential. The podcast features conversations with a variety of special guests, sharing real stories and lessons learned so that they may serve for the benefit of others.

Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes | iHeart Radio | Stitcher Libsyn | YouTube

Click here for all archived episodes of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man.”

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FOOTSTEPS – Kevin’s Weekly Video Blogs

Kevin’s YouTube Channel is home to his weekly video blog, “Footsteps,” and much of his songwriting. All episodes of Journeys with the No Schedule Man are posted there as well. Drop by and subscribe, and please share & leave a comment!

Here’s an example of the video blog:

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MUSIC – Kevin’s Songwriting

Kevin considers himself more of a Songwriter than a Musician. He’s written hundreds of songs, but so far has only publicly shared a handful of them. Over time, that’s changing with things like his Song Blog and his Mutineer project. And in the meantime, here are links to the 3 CDs Kevin has recorded and released:

“I Remember” (3-song EP, released 2007)






“No Schedule Man” (full-length CD, released 2010)

No Schedule Man CD






“Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man” (4-song EP, released 2014)

Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man CD Cover






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If you’re interested in exploring your personal and professional development and creativity, make sure to visit Kevin’s “Resources” page. There you’ll find all kinds of information of programs, services, books and other resources that have been a huge help to Kevin along his journey. And if you have a suggestion of something that’s been helpful to you, please let us know!