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Kevin Bulmer - Run Your Own RaceWelcome! I’m Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man.

I help people to truly stand out, connect and grow, in business and at home, empowering them to enjoy doing their best work and living their best life.

In order to do that, we need to learn how to be ourselves.

I know, it sounds a little too simple, doesn’t it? Just “be yourself?”

Well, I believe we would if we knew how. But my experience and observation – when it comes to “being yourself” (in business and at home) – is that most of us fit into one of two categories:

a) We really don’t know what it means, so we just follow along and do what we think we’re supposed to be doing (often at great personal and professional cost) or …

b) We do know, but we’re terrified to actually live and work that way.

Professional proof of this is all around us in world of small-to-midsize (local) marketing and advertising, which is rampant with copycat cliches, industry jargon and general nonsense that does little to connect with actual real human people.

At home, well, we barely even seem to understand the effect what we’re saying to ourselves, let alone anyone else. Divorce rates? Mental health challenges? Poor performance at work? (Those are from my personal list of accomplishments, by the way)

My point: we human beings are not nearly as good at communicating effectively as we seem to think we are.

Over two decades of combined media, sales, marketing and first-hand business experience – along with being humbled by some personal challenges – has shown me something pretty clearly:

We’re stuck in our stories, racing in circles, lost in our own narrow perspective of “the way things are.”

But there’s good news!

I’ve also learned that effective solutions to seemingly complex problems are astonishingly simple. Most often, they’ve been right under our noses the whole time but we keep missing them because we’re so used to looking for something else.

Or running someone else’s race.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you take another look so you can see what you’ve been missing and get back on the right track.

And run your own race.

In other words: be yourself.

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