The question is … are you a willing participant in your constant reinvention? It’s happening to you, and to your business, whether you choose to participate or not. I believe that life is a constant process of reinvention. Call it evolution or whatever you like, but impermanence is a fundamental fact of life and yet it’s something that we, asRead More
Transcript: There’s an old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” But what about puzzles? They’ve got covers too. But I’d like to suggest that when we’re looking at those covers, it may not be the puzzle we’re judging so much as we might be judging … ourselves. Walk With Me: YouTube Subscribe | Mailing List It’s been a little while sinceRead More
Transcript: What I wanted to share with you today is that no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what challenge you might be facing or decision that you’re trying to come to, try to relax a little bit. Try to trust yourself, because you’re going to be able to figure it out. Based on my experience, youRead More
The question is, what does your life look like right at this moment and why is that important? Because it’s a direct reflection of the choices you’ve made up until now. Naturally, it would follow that if you would like to do or be or experience something different in the days to come, what choices will you make differently fromRead More
Transcript: Do you remember that old game, hot potato? Somebody passes you a potato and it’s hot so your job is to get rid of it again as quick as you can. It occurs to me that life is like a giant game of hot potato. The only thing is, the game is rigged. Walk With Me: YouTube Subscribe | Mailing List EveryRead More
Transcript: It hasn’t been a very good week this week. Just being honest. Why? Because we don’t often think about the struggle that other people have, those that we’re looking up to. When we’re trying to improve ourselves, do something that we’ve never done, have something that we’ve never had or drop a habit or improve in some way thatRead More
The question is: How do we get from here to there? Or in other words, how can we get from where we are to where we want to be? Or at least, where we think we want to be? If you’re reading this, you have stumbled across a living, breathing and constantly evolving attempt to address that question. It tookRead More
Transcript: I can’t quite get my Grandpa’s voice out of my head, making me accountable for the fact that I know that I’m sometimes guilty of trying to take shortcuts. Bear with me for a moment while I pretend that I’m a car and that this (pointing to a parking lot) is an actual road so I can show youRead More
Transcript: I just took a couple of minutes to record some footage for a video for the YouTube channel. And as I’m on my way back to my car getting ready to go back to work, so to speak, I was just thinking that I would take you with me on the journey and talk for a second about gettingRead More
Never mind what anybody else thinks. When you look at yourself in the mirror how do you feel about who you see? I can’t help smiling when I think back to a conversation that took place really early in my career, in my radio days. There was a fellow that would come into the radio station once a week toRead More