As unique as we all are as individuals, I feel there are a short list of things that most of us have in common. For instance, I’m willing to go way out on a limb and guess that most human beings would like to feel better more of the time. I certainly would. The question is, are we allowing for
When you daydream about the things you really wish you could be doing or would like to be doing, how much does potential feedback from the naysayers influence what you do … or choose not to do? Tim Alison is a semi-retired entrepreneur who, at the time of this recording, is about to release a book called “Screw the Naysayers.”
If you’re lucky enough to grow up in an area where you can get a basic education, what are the things you would expect to learn? Reading, writing, arithmetic. It’s all good stuff. But at what point are we taught how to effectively communicate with other human beings, up to and including ourselves, let alone the ones that we love?
How willing are you to go into the storm and then wait for what you want? Today’s guest, Brian Spencer, has set a great example of how to mix passion and perseverance with patience by living the kind of story that you don’t hear every day. Stay up-to-date on future episodes: Known as the “Canadian Storm Chaser,” Brian loves to
I feel like I’m hearing from a lot of people, who are my age and up, about how much they think they’re struggling with Millennials. I hear things like: “They’re too entitled..” “They’re too tied to their technology” “We don’t know how to work with them.” “We can’t reach them.” “We can’t communicate with them.” “We don’t understand them!” I
What would have to change in your life for you to consider it a “miracle?” Today, we’re joined by Nichole Wynter, a Miracle Life Coach. Nichole helps ambitious business women materialize miracles in their business and in their lives. Stay up-to-date on future episodes: Among the many areas where Nichole helps her clients: managing their distractions, overcoming the need to
If I could take one of your fears and flush it away forever, which would it be? What if we could flush them all? That’s a huge part of what Beth Allen helps people do, and she’s joining us today to share her story, which I suspect you’re really going to love. A little bit about Beth: she is the
Are you ready to reclaim an authentic human connection, with friends, with neighbors, with strangers … with yourself? That’s the mission of our guest today, Joe Beckman, who visits educational settings all around the world in an effort to encourage us all to reclaim human connection. It’s Joe’s feeling that our schools are experiencing an unprecedented shift and that student
My dinosaur friends and I (see video) were just having a little discussion about what it will be that will someday take down Google, or maybe make Amazon look irrelevant, or make what we currently view as “social media” seem quaint and out of date. Now maybe you’re saying, “That’ll never happen,” to which we’d respond … “You haven’t been
What do you think would happen, in work and at home, if you were to allow yourself to be exactly who you are, embrace who you are not, connect with the people for whom you are a fit, and joyfully wish all others well as you let them go along on their own unique path, with or without you? I