This episode is not meant to diminish anyone’s accomplishments in any way. It is meant to call out (what I feel is) another lazy advertising cliche that often muddles our message, blends us in with rest and, in some cases, represents an unnecessary limiting belief that keeps some people from getting started in the first place. Not everyone can be
Would you like to improve the return on the investment you’re making – in time and money – related to your marketing and advertising? If so, this is essential to understand, and really fundamentally quite simple: If the message doesn’t connect, the method of delivery doesn’t matter. It’s just more noise. To put it another way, if you have a
It’s already a tsunami moving through the internet. It’s best to catch the wave. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. And, yes, you can do it. At the time of this episode, video content is quickly becoming the most powerful kind of online communication. This is not a new development. But it remains an important element for communicating
Are we shaping – and sharing – our own stories in our own way? It might seem like an obvious question. I believe most of us would say, “Well of course. Of course that’s what I’m doing.” But is it really? Or are we doing, saying, and sharing what we think we should, recreating some version of what we see
Has it ever occurred to you how much we condition people *not* to pay attention to us? It’s difficult to create interest, trust or any kind of relationship or emotional connection when we lead with communication we’ve been trained to ignore. Why would anyone listen or care when we keep crying, “Wolf?” I’m referring, of course, to the classic Aesop
It’s a sound piece of advice, for business or at home, and it comes straight out of the pages of swashbuckling tale written by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1922. The book I’m referring to is “Captain Blood,” and the “rule”  is something the main character says that has stuck with me since the moment I first read it: “You
When somebody else pays part of your advertising bill, that’s a great thing, right? Maybe. For some, it’s a trap that paints them into a corner, dilutes their own unique message, character and culture and creates the illusion of “getting the word out” more effectively than it actually does. And now more than ever, that matters. A lot. It used
The people and businesses I trust don’t have to tell me to trust them. I already know that I can. But when someone I don’t know says, “Hey, you can trust me,” I am immediately apprehensive. Perhaps that’s yet another reason why I feel so much small  business marketing pushes people away as much as (if not more than) it
The question this week is: When it comes to money, are you a magician, a tyrant or a fool? Or, perhaps you’re like me: a former “innocent” who is currently trying to get away from acting like a “creator/artist.” Today, we’re talking about money, and more specifically, our individual relationship, mindset and habit patterns related to money and the common
Feeling that we’re marketing ourselves effectively is just one of many common business “problems.” But, almost always, there is a deeper, simpler, more fundamental “problem” beneath that problem. Once we turn our attention to it, and actually do something about it, many of the other common “problems” related to business – marketing included – suddenly seem to be solve themselves.