When somebody else pays part of your advertising bill, that’s a great thing, right? Maybe. For some, it’s a trap that paints them into a corner, dilutes their own unique message, character and culture and creates the illusion of “getting the word out” more effectively than it actually does. And now more than ever, that matters. A lot. It used
The people and businesses I trust don’t have to tell me to trust them. I already know that I can. But when someone I don’t know says, “Hey, you can trust me,” I am immediately apprehensive. Perhaps that’s yet another reason why I feel so much small  business marketing pushes people away as much as (if not more than) it
The question this week is: When it comes to money, are you a magician, a tyrant or a fool? Or, perhaps you’re like me: a former “innocent” who is currently trying to get away from acting like a “creator/artist.” Today, we’re talking about money, and more specifically, our individual relationship, mindset and habit patterns related to money and the common
Feeling that we’re marketing ourselves effectively is just one of many common business “problems.” But, almost always, there is a deeper, simpler, more fundamental “problem” beneath that problem. Once we turn our attention to it, and actually do something about it, many of the other common “problems” related to business – marketing included – suddenly seem to be solve themselves.
Everybody’s got access to Google, so as long as I hear your name it’s easy to find you, right? Not necessarily. Plus, I the more work I have to do to find you, the more likely it is that I may find a lot of others in your category in the process. It’s still a good idea to make it
It’s not 2008 anymore, and the distribution models of some social media platforms have changed significantly since then. If you are looking to effectively connect and communicate your small business or organization using Facebook, there are a few basic things you’ll want to know. In this episode… – How it used to be 10 years ago. – How it is
Can you step out of your own story long enough to see yourself from an outside perspective? Are you able to honestly and objectively consider yourself and your activities from someone else’s viewpoint, and then ask and answer the question: Why would they care? This week, we’re joined by Lisa Brandt, who describes herself on her website as “An experienced
So you want your business  to be top-of-mind? There’s something you should know: There is no “there.” You’ll never fully “arrive.” It’s a process, a grind. Forever. If you’re going to be in business, you may as well accept it. It’s just part of the deal. In this episode, I give some examples of why we must think of marketing as habitual
How in touch are you with who you really are and what you really want to be doing? Are you going through life doing all the things you feel you should be doing? Or are you absolutely certain you’re the path for which you are uniquely suited, in touch with the kind of life and work that will continue to
Have you ever heard the term, “Less is more?” Or, put another way, “Do less, but do it better.” Instead, we humans seem to feel that we need to do everything. And in the world of small business marketing, that’s a dangerous game because it can quickly pull our effort and attention away from our most important tasks. Worse still