At long last, some new music is on the way. Release date and concert announcements are coming soon. For now, here’s a little bit of the story behind “Solo.” “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man” This project was a long time in coming. I spent a great deal of time away from my guitar, for many different reasons. And

What is “No Schedule Man?”

Posted by Kevin on December 2, 2013
At first, “No Schedule Man” was just something funny uttered by an acquaintance. But the phrase stuck with me. It later became both a song lyric and album title. In the process of bringing the song, album and idea to life, the phrase “No Schedule Man” began to take on a life of its own. Later on, in the aftermath
(Listen to the song “Sunny Day in November” HERE) When I write lyrics and/or music, most often the right words seem to just “show up,” as if they’re being channelled from some other place. When that happens, I let it flow as best I can and capture as much as possible, be it with pen, computer, guitar or even just