I’ve seen a common theme from the clients I’ve visited over the past while: good people that are strapped for time, finding it a challenge to engage more of the right people to help grow or get the most out of their business. And when I say, “the right people,” I mean much more than just employees. Opportunity is everywhere
As the grip of this relentless winter starts to slowly let go, I can’t help but recall one of the coldest, most challenging projects of my career: Snowcross at Delaware Speedway. Back when I was General Manager of that half-mile stock car track, the people I worked for thought it would be a good idea to try and create another
Here in London, Ontario, I think most would agree that, even by our hearty Canadian standards, this has been a relentless grind of a winter. In business, we’re feeling it, these last eight weeks especially. When terms like “Polar Vortex,” “Snow Squall” and “Special Weather Statement” are heard (and then experienced)  so consistently, the collective energy of the people grows weary.
I’ve been fortunate to get to know a great many interesting and inspiring people. I’m grateful to have learned a lot from each of them. One those people is Fred Geiger. Fred co-owns a London, Ontario-based business called Custom Mobility, which provides wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices, as well as home healthcare equipment. Compassion, integrity, transparency and empowerment are

“Solo” EP Release Show: Friday, Feb. 21st!

Posted by Kevin on December 13, 2013

Kevin is excited to announce the concert date for the release of his new EP, “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man,” on Friday, February 21, 2014 in the Cellar Lounge at the London Music Club in London, Ontario. Kevin will be joined on February 21st by Alexa Kay, an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who was recently awarded with the “Young
At long last, some new music is on the way. Release date and concert announcements are coming soon. For now, here’s a little bit of the story behind “Solo.” “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man” This project was a long time in coming. I spent a great deal of time away from my guitar, for many different reasons. And

What is “No Schedule Man?”

Posted by Kevin on December 2, 2013

At first, “No Schedule Man” was just something funny uttered by an acquaintance. But the phrase stuck with me. It later became both a song lyric and album title. In the process of bringing the song, album and idea to life, the phrase “No Schedule Man” began to take on a life of its own. Later on, in the aftermath

“Sunny Day in November” De-constructed

Posted by Kevin on October 25, 2010

(Listen to the song “Sunny Day in November” HERE) When I write lyrics and/or music, most often the right words seem to just “show up,” as if they’re being channelled from some other place. When that happens, I let it flow as best I can and capture as much as possible, be it with pen, computer, guitar or even just