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I have worked in (and with) small business my entire professional career, and yet I’ve also become passionate about my own personal growth and development and feel quite confident I can be helpful in either case. In fact, I see them both as completely interrelated, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ve got them broken out into two different email lists. Please choose the one you think will help you most, or subscribe to both if you like.


1. Improve Your Small Business Marketing Results 

Sign up to this list if you’re a small business owner, manager, entrepreneur or anyone who is looking to improve the effectiveness of your marketing, advertising and outreach efforts. Non-profits, community groups, coaches, speakers, creative types … this includes you.

2. Personal Growth Support & Encouragement

If it’s more mindset and personal growth and development material you’d like, sign up to this list and I’ll support you as best I can with updates on the latest podcasts, videos, blogs and other resources that may be helpful to you. This is the list to help you with matters of mindset, habits, relationships, communication, self-worth, passion, purpose and proactively responding to change.

To start, I’ll send you a 4-part email series on my 4 Keys To Contentment and a free coaching video on “How to Get Clear on What Matters Most To You:”

Hint: I have “enter your first name” in there so that the emails will feel a little more personal when they come to you. But between you and me, you can enter in whatever you want there to give yourself a smile whenever the emails show up. For example, if you want the email from me to say, “Hi You Fabulous Beast” or “Hi You Heaping Helping of Awesomeness” … just make up a new first name accordingly and enter it in. 

I won’t laugh.

Trust me, if I get notified that “You Heaping Helping of Awesomeness” subscribed to get my emails, we both win.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and by the way …

Important: After you click the green and/or blue button, make sure to look for and click on the confirmation email you’ll get afterward. It should come from (make sure to check your “promotion,”  or “spam” or “junk” folders, just in case). No confirmation, no further emails. You can thank spammers for that extra step. But … I’m no spammer. So I have that confirmation step in there to make sure the emails are only going to people who actually want them.


Cool. You Fabulous Beast.