Exceptional Messages

How social is your media? What shows others you stand apart?


Introducing & Unlocking One Simple “Secret” to Attracting, Sustaining and Growing New Sales

Is this for you?

  • How unique & original is your marketing message & approach?
  • If I asked someone off the street what is unique about your brand, compared to others in your category, what would they say?
  • How effective and engaging is your social media / online strategy?
  • How much local video are you creating & sharing?
  • What are you doing to build (and monetize) your own audience?
  • How empowered are your sales reps / agents to create their own brands, create relationships and add value to build the business as a whole?

What is this?

Kevin Bulmer - Exceptional Messages

Exceptional Messages is  highly relatable and engaging group coaching day program to introduce you & your team to the incredible possibility – and fundamental simplicity – of crafting unique, effective marketing messages and creative online content to help attract, sustain and grow new sales to your business.

What’s in it for you?

If you begin to apply the principles and practices shared in this program, you should expect:

  • It will help truly set you apart to grow your business.
  • Increased your return on investment in advertising and marketing.
  • Empower & equip your people to create their own content and build their own brand.
  • Build referrals and positive word-of-mouth by creating connection & community.
  • Creating magnetic relationships through increased engagement & interaction.
  • Achieve measurable results through implementation of a strategy and plan.

How Does It Work?

Most business only ever say they’re different. And yet they almost all communicate the same way: ineffectively. We’re going to change that for you.

We’re going to:

STOP: Blending in, interrupting, paying to make more noise, spending time & money  doing and saying the same thing – in the same way – as everyone else.

START: Standing out (in an engaging, authentic way) and increasing ROI through effective messaging; Creating time & money through very simple creative content strategies; Sustaining and scaling sales by interacting, engaging, building relationships, trust and magnetic emotional connection.

This program will help you easily create time & money as you truly stand out, connect & grow your business in a changing media landscape.

What’s included?

Kevin Bulmer - Exceptional Messages


Discovery call(s) & discussion for agenda setting, pre-determining the challenges and opportunities that are top-of-mind for you and your team.

Event Day:


Part 1 – Effective Messaging: How To Stand Out, Connect and Grow Your Business In a Changing Media Landscape
(30 – 45 min presentation followed by Q&A and group collaboration)

Interactive group coaching on applying the principles of the presentation including:

  • Why most local marketing doesn’t connect with real people … and what to do about it.
  • The mindset shift most marketers need to make in order to get the results they’re looking for.
  • Three key questions we need to be asking ourselves, and in what order (and why most marketers have it backwards).
  • The single most important area marketers can improve to increase their ROI … and it’s the area where most are way, way off course
  • What is your “brand,” and how is it being shaped by your message, content & approach?
  • Real-world examples of what’s possible

Group collaboration session to include:

  • First impression check: How unique & engaging is our message? What’s missing?
  • Brand evaluation (what is it really, and what do we want it to be?)
  • Elements of an irresistible offer & the importance of effective sales copy & strategy
  • Team Interviews, collaboration, message and content idea discovery.

Worksheets / exercises provided

Lunch Break


Kevin Bulmer - Exceptional MessagesPart 2 – Creating Time & Money: Content Creation, Discovery & Strategy
(20 – 30 min presentation followed by group creation and collaboration)

Here’s where we’ll actually begin to create new, original content and strategy and set a course for going forward, including:

First we’ll cover:

  • What “content” is, and why it’s so important to building your business (now and in the future).
  • Why video (locally generated) is an absolutely crucial tool for your future success
  • How to make impressions, add value and build trust and connection without even being there!
  • Why consistency and quality of attention is critical to shaping a brand.
  • What we should all be doing with “traditional” media (while it still exists).

Then we’ll create:

  • We’ll create content (video, photo, text), live on site (team interviews, collaboration and discovery).
  • Learn the quantum creation content model that will allow you to generate weeks – or even months – worth of content in just a few hours.
  • Content calendar creation, collaboration & mind-mapping .
  • Social media management plan & implementation basics.

Plus .. an introduction to the power and potential of building & monetizing your own audience.


Membership to Kevin Bulmer’s online personal & professional growth support community, “The Turtle Tribe,” included for anyone attendees who wish to have access.

INVESTMENT: $2900 CDN + travel & taxes (if applicable)

(Full day too much time to set aside right now? Schedule a half-day program for $1750, plus travel & tax)

Want to schedule a time to talk to determine if “Exceptional Messages” is the right fit? 

If you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk. I’m sure you’ll have some questions. I’ll have some for you too.

If we determine it’s a great fit,

we’ll look to next steps. And if not, we won’t. Sound fair?

If you care to send me a little information, that will give us a running start on a discovery call. If you’re up for that, please complete the form below, I’ll do some homework and reach out to schedule a call. Or, just jump straight to my email and/or phone number, below.

Contact Kevin Bulmer Directly:

Call: 519-280-8301 | Email: kevin@kevinbulmer.com

Why Work with Kevin?

There is likely no one more uniquely equipped to help you in this area than Kevin Bulmer. With over 20 years of combined experience as an award-winning broadcaster, business owner and media sales & marketing expert, Kevin is now a dynamic and engaging professional speaker, mindset coach and marketing message & creative content specialist.

To get to know Kevin better, please feel welcome to review various client testimonials, or better yet, listen to one of his podcasts (“Be Real Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show” and “Journeys with the No Schedule Man”), watch one of his hundreds of videos, attend a momondays London event (or other speaking engagement) and see if his personality and style resonates with you.

What others say about working with Kevin:

“Having worked with many dozens of advertising, marketing, and account managers in the marketing of our business across Canada, I can state with confidence that Kevin Bulmer has been the very best of that group. I have come to appreciate that Kevin uniquely understands small business marketing, and I would recommend that any small business owner listen carefully to his advice.”

– Scott Hill, Founder & CEO, Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! Canada’s Largest Sports Festival

“Kevin Bulmer spent 3.5 hours engaging our attendees. He helped break down barriers by showing us the do’s and don’ts on marketing your business. Kevin took the extra step to make this workshop more personal for each attendee, he asked for each person who pre-registered to give their businesses name. He wanted this information so he could look up and do research on the business and help critique there marketing. He helped us understand where there business was lacking and applaud where they are succeeding. Kevin made the small/medium size businesses realize that they need to focus on making it more personal to connect better to their target market. The overall feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We, the Small Business Centre would be happy to welcome Kevin back!”

– Brianna Rossit, The Small Business Centre Belleville

“My experience with Kevin is that he arrived prepared with thought provoking questions about my business, not just business in general, but my business. He took the time to listen and then develop marketing solutions that specifically targeted my objectives. Kevin is by far one of the most effective marketing people I have ever met.”

– Rick McKinnon, Miami Car Wash

“In this era of ever-increasing competitive markets, Kevin Bulmer understands business branding and helped me steadily grow my client base and business.”

– John Goodwin, Broker: Century 21 First Canadian Corp.

“Kevin helped us to distill our key messages and then choose the right medium to communicate those messages to as many people in our target market as was possible with our budget. He understands the value of traditional, digital and guerilla marketing and was able to help us choose which to use when and how.”

– Kyla Woodcock, Founder: Forest City Sport & Social Club

“From the beginning planning stages months prior, right down to the day of the event and session execution – Kevin’s outgoing personality, captivating demeanor and professionalism certainly made for a wonderful working relationship.  Kevin delivered with enthusiasm and connected with the audience with his messaging on a personal level and we immediately received amazing reviews from our attendees on his two sessions”

– Kailyn Coupland, Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland Annual Conference