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Leadership, Rescripted: Start With Who, Steer With Why

Leading, Living & Working With Effective Intention

Good leaders ask themselves one question, in multiple forms, over and over again. They also accept one very simple, but powerful, truth.

Great leaders empower others to do the same.

Once that happens, anything is possible.

Are you ready to take the wheel?

What will this do:

  • Learn how, why and what it truly means to take the lead in our own lives and work.
  • Learn the keys to discovering, planning & achieving the goals that matter most to you.
  • Learn how to get moving forward and keep moving forward and how to know if you’re headed in the right direction.

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“You may define our positions as you please.
But I’ll remind you that the nature of a thing is not changed
by the name you give it.”

– Raphael Sabatini, Captain Blood

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What People Are Saying:

“I will never tire of hearing Kevin speak, he captivates the audience and tonight was perfect.”
– Janet Benedict, Founder of The Canadian Networker, Hostess of MoMonday Kitchener-Waterloo

“I was in the audience when Kevin spoke about his ‘No Schedule’ concept. It was a fresh idea, combined with a natural, easy-to-listen-to speaking style, that really made people — myself included — pause and think. That’s a rarity these days in the speaking world.”
– Michel Neray, Co-Author of “The Great Crossover” and Founder of MoMondays

“It was both inspirational, and at the same time, informative. Watching the audience has always been something that I do whenever there are entertainers around because then I see what kind of energy is going back and forth, and as I was in a position here as Chair of the meeting today, to look out and see all my Rotarian friends, they were all riveted. Every one of them were giving you full attention and some of them were even making notes. And you could tell that some were either underscoring what they feel about life or discovering some things even at this late stage in their lives that they need to know. So it was a riveting presentation.”
– Jim Swan, President-Elect, Rotary of London

“Kevin recently delivered an outstanding story/performance at MoMondays London. Not only is Kevin eloquent, he is an extremely gifted songwriter and wordsmith. He executes and delivers his story in a way that captivates his audience and has them listening to every word. We were honoured to have Kevin commence our evening of speakers! The audience gave him rave reviews and we would be honoured to have him return anytime. Thank you Kevin for your ROCK STAR performance and delivery!”
– Melissa Schenk, CEO of MS2 Productions, Keynote Speaker & co-host of MoMondays London

“Kevin’s stage presence, confidence, passion and authentic energy is powerful. He amplifies his inspiring story by living the message he shares.”
– Michael Doyle, Speaker, Coach, Author of “At The Helm” & co-host of MoMondays London