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Who Else Wants To Communicate, Connect & Grow Your Business More Effectively and Feel More Fulfilled More Of The Time?

No Schedule Man's Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community

“Kevin always leads by example. The support is phenomenal…. it’s a community where each individual’s uniqueness is valued, appreciated and respected in knowing that everyone’s journey and experience are unique and special in their own way. Kevin, you are phenomenal human being who gives it all …”  (- Tokilupe Nadz, Melbourne Australia)

Hi, I’m Kevin Bulmer, the “No Schedule Man.”

Have you ever … 

  • Felt overwhelmed? 
  • Grown frustrated of being sold “secrets” & “systems” by “experts” promising immediate results?
  • Wished you had more genuinely uplifting, positive and encouraging  people around you more of the time?
  • Felt like there must be a way to continue to learn and grow your business, but from your own place and at your own pace?

If any of that resonates with you, keep reading. 

We have a lot in common.

And you’re not alone.

First off, when it comes to marketing and effectively communicating about  their business,  my experience is that most small business owners  really aren’t sure what to say, how to say it, where to say it and when (or how often) to say and share it. 

And so they say things that look and sound like what everyone else says. So, as in life, they’re modeling the ignorant and that simply isn’t effective.

And if they do nothing about it, it just gets worse.

This is why I decided to take action and help small business owners and professionals to successfully communicate their message, get results and grow personally as they do it.

Feel more fulfilled and communicate more effectively.


It’s actually pretty simple …

How To Connect With And Serve Your Ideal Client

The type of your business is not important as long as it’s legit

There is no magic trick or magic pill to take. 

The solution is simple as 1, 2, 3 …

Step 1: Know Who You Are.

Step 2: Craft Your Message & Method.

Step 3: Consistent Implementation.

Do that, and your success is inevitable.

It’s a process that is simple, effective and fun.

You will understand yourself and your customers better and you will be able to communicate and connect at a deeper level with them.  

So How Can I Help You With That?

Great question!

It’s the question this page is here to answer. 

Introducing …

The No Schedule Man’s Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community

I’m now accepting a small amount of business owners from diverse industries and all stages of growth as members into my private mastermind membership community.

But I should tell you …

This is not for everyone. 

If you are not ready to truly stand out and set yourself apart as the unique business and individual that you are …

If you are not ready to connect more deeply to the clients you feel uniquely equipped to serve and the kinds of people they want to do business with …

If you are not ready and to grow your business and yourself in the manner you desire and deserve …

Then this opportunity is not for you.

Who Is This For?

I am specifically here to help forward-thinking individuals with an audacious ambition to pursue personal and business growth

… who have the commitment and work ethic  to grow and evolve

To stand out and connect. To make an impact.

To answer their unique calling and fulfill their potential

Is that you?

Likely it is, or you wouldn’t be reading this. 

You see, usually there aren’t any accidents. There’s probably an important reason for you getting access to this invitation, at this time.

What's In It For You

The main objective, is to help you communicate your message, in a way that is authentic, personally fulfilling, unique and produces results.

More clients, more impact, deeper relationships while discovering your true self. 

And more fun while you do it!

To reach the objective, we’ll go on this journey together. I will be there to help you, inspire you and guide you. To push you when needed. 

What makes me capable of helping you? Well…

I’ve been there. 

Over 20 years of combined experience in media, sales, marketing and business ownership and management makes me uniquely qualified to help people like you in this area.

I know what it’s like and how it feels to be wearing all the hats and completely stretched for time and resources.

I am passionate about helping people who have taken responsibility over their own life and work, as you have.

It’s why I created this community: so I could help more of the people who need and want the help.

And so, I’ll be sharing with you the tools, systems and strategies that I’ve found to be most effective. 

These are not the kinds of things that can be taught in any single book, blog, video or podcast.

But we can explore and share in this private environment, with like-minded people, on an ongoing basis.

Cool, huh?

It is!

Another neat – and unique – feature of this community is that I will be sharing my personal journey, along with strategies proven to create breakthroughs.  

You will feel inspired. Uplifted. Eager.  

You will experience a positive change in your personal and professional life. 

Now, Here's Exactly What You're Getting

No Schedule Man's Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community

Membership To My Private Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community (Value: $1,497)

This includes:

Live & On-Demand video training sessions (bi-weekly at a minimum) with me on topics related to more effective marketing messaging and brand strategy for small-to-midsize businesses.

Weekly VIP Coaching from in the form of videos, posts, interviews and observations.

You will also have the chance to interact with me LIVE. I will be there to answer your questions, facilitate discussion and encourage collaboration among members.

You will get answers to all of the questions you might have sent in advance.

Easy and unlimited access to our community and its complete archive of content, as it’s currently hosted as a private group on Facebook, making it 100% mobile and completely convenient.

All training and session recordings are made permanently available (for active members) to access at any time that works for you, 24/7, 365.

Full Access to our complete library of previous Mindset & Marketing material inside the Community. This is available to you instantly!

Plus, you’ll be part of an amazing community of supportive and encouraging people and business owners from around the world, ready to help you and share their experiences. You also learn from other people’s mistakes (including mine).

When You Order Today, You'll Also Get These 5 Bonuses Valued At $2,385

Bonus #1

The “Turtle Tribe” Personal Growth Support Community

Today: Included Free (Value: $997)

Established in 2017, “The Turtle Tribe” Community is a treasure trove of mindset and personal growth training material, videos, worksheets, and discussions. My entire journey since October 2017 as been documented and you’ll have instant and unlimited access to it all!

Turtle Tribe_Black_200
  • Set yourself free: how to change a habit.
  • How to plan more productively.
  • Discovering your personal success formula.
  • Using the Law of Compensation to gain clarity.
  • How to create your “Awesome Life Playbook.”
  • The keys to finding balance.
  • The 5 pillars to sustainable change.
  • The 8 Money archetypes.
  • Creating positive emotional momentum.
  • Feel good now: simple tricks to spin a mood from bad to good to great.
  • The 4 keys to contentment.

Plus, you’ll enjoy access to occasional group video “mastermind” meetings, ongoing conversation, collaboration and encouragement as I continue to share my evolving journey, both personally and professionally, in an effort to uplift through shared example of continual growth.

You will not find anything quite like “The Turtle Tribe” anywhere else.

The value of this one “Bonus” alone is almost immeasurable!

Bonus #2

“The Ultimate Guide For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Better Marketing Results in 3, 2, 1 … Go”

Today: Included Free (Value: $197)

It’s an easy-to-read ebook with information powerful enough to save you incredible amounts of time and money when you begin to implement the principles covered inside.

Ebook image with NSM Logo

You’ll discover, and be ahead of the game with, what even the established, traditional media outlets are often scrambling to catch up to in today’s changing (changed) media landscape.

The book includes simple and effective instructions on 3 things to stop doing, 2 things to start doing, 1 magic measurement to know if it’s working and the one thing that must GO in order for any of it to work.

The price tag on a book like this does little to indicate the value of the 20 years of experience it took to gain the knowledge that’s inside it (it’s hard to put a price on that)!

If you do nothing else but implement what is in this book, you will begin to stand out, connect and grow your business more.

Bonus #3

Exclusive Report: “5 Online Marketing Tools I Would Not Want To Live Without”

Today: Included Free (Value: $197)

This powerful little report is absolutely jam-packed with value, resources and insights!

  • Where to go to build your own website with step-by-step guidance, structure and support
  • Where to get your questions answered on just about anything at all related to social media and online marketing.
  • Where to go to learn how to make money online.
  • The tools I use every day that save me – literally – hundreds of hours of time in communicating my businesses.
  • Tools I use that help me create deeper connections and build relationships with people without even being there!
  • An introduction to what you’ll need to begin building your own audience.
  • What I’ve used to edit and share literally hundreds of original videos, right from my phone.

Bonus #4

Exclusive 40-Minute Video Training: “The Magic Mindset Shift That Changes Everything.”

Today: Included Free (Value: $497)

Understanding the concept covered in this video is worth more than the annual mastermind membership all on its own. Why? Because it has the power to transform how you look at – and experience – your life and work. You’ll see! When you watch it, you will have one “aha moment” after another.

  • The 4 things almost everyone wants (or thinks they do).
  • Why we think we want them.
  • What happens when we get one thing and not the other.
  • What is it we REALLY want.
  • Why we have it backwards.
  • How to get it right-side up and enjoy getting everything we (actually) want!

Bonus #5

Exclusive 40-Minute Video Training Video (with worksheets): “How To Get Clear On What Matters Most To You And What To Do About It.”

Today: Included Free (Value: $497)

Most people think they know what they want, only to get it and be even more disappointed than before. The truth is, most of us arrive at a point in our lives when we’re more aware of what we think we should want than what it is we actually desire. 

This video training will change that and help you achieve more clarity on what matters most to you than ever before.

Screencap - What Matters most
  • “Universal” Laws Means It Must Include You.
  • Accept THIS, Ask THAT.
  • The Big Question That Has To Be Answered Honestly.
  • Where I Was (In Life) When I Asked Myself The Question.
  • What My Answers Where.
  • The Power of Asking “Why?” In Drilling Down For Authentic Answers.
  • Another Powerful Question To Ask Yourself.
  • Yet Another Discovery Trick.
  • What To Do With The Discovery Trick.
  • How All This Will Help.
  • None Of It Matters Without THIS.
  • The One Thing To Takeaway (if you take away nothing else, take THIS).

*Act Now Bonus* (with annual membership)

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Call With Kevin

Today: Included Free (Value: $175)

When you purchase an annual membership to the Mindset & Mastermind Community today, you’ll also receive a 1-on-1 personal coaching call with Kevin over video conference (e.g, Zoom) or phone. Each call may by up to 60 minutes in length, to be scheduled prior to the conclusion of your annual membership. 

At present, this is the only way to receive 1-on-1 coaching with Kevin. 

This bonus may not remain for long! To make sure you get some 1-on-1 time with Kevin, buy your annual membership today.

The No Schedule Man’s Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community: Complete Coaching Program + Bonuses

No Schedule Man's Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community

Join today and receive all of the following:

Membership To The Private Mindset & Marketing Mastermind Community ($1497)

The Ultimate Guide For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: “Better Marketing Results in 3, 2, 1 … Go” ($197)

Exclusive Report: 5 Online Tools I Would Not Want To Live Without ($197)

 40-Min Video Training: The Magic Mindset Shift That Changes Everything ($497)

40-Min Video Training + Worksheets: How To Get Clear On What Matters Most To You & What To Do About It ($497)

ACT NOW BONUS (with Annual Membership): 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Call with Kevin ($175)


YOU SAVE (90%): – $3696

YOUR SPECIAL PRICE TODAY: = $399 (annual membership)

or … $49 (monthly membership)

Yes, I'm Ready To Stand Out, Connect & Grow Now!​

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel about purchasing an annual membership by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. You will get an entire 30 days to experience this community. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know. We’ll give you all your money back, no hassle. You will even get to keep whatever content and bonuses you’ve used and/or downloaded. Please note that the 30-day money-back guarantee applies for annual membership purchases only.

The only thing you have to do is make this decision and join now. 

Please Note: I cannot promise this price will be available for long

There is Zero Risk For You

If something inside you says ‘do it’…

If your heart is beating a little faster …

If you are still reading this page …

There’s a spot available for you …

If my message resonates with you, if you feel this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, or if something in your gut says “go for it,” then this is your best chance to join. 

Click here to join our community today.

Much Love,

Kevin Bulmer

What People Are Saying About Working With Kevin

Having worked with many dozens of advertising, marketing, and account managers in the marketing of our business across Canada, I can state with confidence that Kevin Bulmer has been the very best of that group. I have come to appreciate that Kevin uniquely understands small business marketing, and I would recommend that any small business owner listen carefully to his advice.”
Scott Hill
Founder & CEO, Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On!
“My experience with Kevin is that he arrived prepared with thought provoking questions about my business, not just business in general, but my business. I’ve never known Kevin to put his own objectives ahead of mine. It is a lot to do with how we became friends. Knowing that someone else puts your interests ahead of theirs, tells you something about that person. Kevin is by far one of the most effective marketing people I have ever met.”
Rick McKinnon
Owner, Miami Car Wash & Detailing Centre
“As a trusted and authentic friend and mentor Kevin challenges, guides and encourages you to look at what you can do to win at the game of life. Kevin draws together a tribe of friends in whose company you feel loved and supported wherever you are in your journey.”
Lynda Oosthuizen
Turtle Tribe Member (Galway, Ireland)
“Kevin helped us to distill our key messages and then choose the right medium to communicate those messages to as many people in our target market as was possible with our budget. He understands the value of traditional, digital and guerilla marketing and was able to help us choose which to use when and how.”
Kyla Woodcock
Founder, Forest City Sport & Social Club

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