momondays London

momondays London | Kevin Bulmer“Man, I love what  you’ve done with momondays London. Keep doing it. It’s magic.”
– W.T. Hamilton

“Another just incredible show. Kevin Bulmer’s opening was fantastic!”
– Gord Fansher

“momondays last night brought us that VIBE and amazing ENERGY we’ve come to appreciate and expect from Kevin Bulmer’s show.”
– Krystal Moore Lucier

“Awesome opening by Kevin Bulmer talking about underdogs. Wow!!”
– Rizwan Rashid

“Kevin, your hosting made me simply speechless! Wow! Incredible experience.”
– Rakesh Mishra

“It’s an incredibly inspiring experience.”
– Tamelynda Lux

“Kevin, you put on an AMAZING show! It is an experience like no other.”
– Tim Barnaby

momondays London | Kevin Bulmer“Kevin is amazing. He brought a great group of speakers together to share their stories! I’ll be back.”
– Lisa Brodeur

“Every aspect of what momondays offers, is exactly what London needs. Bringing people together. Connecting.”
– Melissa Price

“Absolutely amazing event! Kevin Bulmer does an incredible job each and every month putting this event together and I can’t wait to go back!”
– Kyle Blythe

New for 2019, Kevin is hosting and producing an all-new version of momondays in his hometown of London, Ontario!

momondays London is an empowering evening of connection, conversation and inspirational, authentic storytelling (with a lot of laughs tossed in).

Each event features a handful of speakers/contributors sharing stories of their life and/or work. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking. All are genuine, which makes them naturally empowering.

What’s more, you get to socialize and connect with all kinds of wonderful people in a fun, positive environment with all of it anchored by Kevin.

Think “TedX meets the Tonight Show” (maybe with a little “Muppet Show” vibe tossed in the mix).

There’s nothing else quite like it. You’ll know it when you feel it.

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The 2019 Season of momondays London is proudly presented by:
No Schedule Man Brand Media
London’s Airport Hyundai & London’s Airport Kia
Miami Car Wash
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