Lifestyle over Motivation. A Journey of Fitness & Creativity: Sean Vigue – NSM Podcast, Ep. 15

Sean Vigue YouTube Channel PhotoEarlier this year, I typed in the phrase “Beginner Yoga for men” into YouTube and I found the channel of a guy named Sean Vigue. I instantly liked him, and like some of the other people I’ve talked to on the podcast, like Kevin O’Hara of Alcohol Mastery and Jason Stepheson of Relax Me , Sean has become a very consistent voice in my world and a valued and appreciated resource in my journey of improved lifestyle.

It was a kick to talk with him!

I started by learning some basic yoga moves and stretches with Sean, but I’ve learned and applied MUCH more from him than just that. We talk a little bit about that in this conversation.

A little bit about Sean Vigue: he’s known as “the Most-Watched Online Yoga and Pilates Guy” and was recently named one of the “Top 50 Workout Brands” by The Huffington Post. He is a six-time bestselling author, including Power Yoga for Athletes and several bestselling eBooks including Pilates for Men and Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Beginner Program, among others.

Sean VigueHis incredibly popular YouTube Channel serves well over 80,000 people and he’s also got a terrific Fitness App which you can download in the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android.

In this conversation, Sean gives us a detailed look at his journey to how he got to where he is today and what are some of the events in his life that have shaped and steered his path. I geared my questions to Sean more toward who he is as opposed to what he does. Of course, if you’re interested in the “how-tos” or learning benefits of things like Yoga, Pilates and other exercises, Sean has thousands of hours of free content available to you. Just go to his website to get started.

Some terrific insights came out of the chat with Sean, including …

1. The idea of Lifestyle over Motivation –  The difference between when something’s ingrained that you feel you have to do for your own well being, versus thinking you should be doing (or not doing) something and needing to be constantly motivation

2. Get out there and get going. Every moment you don’t act, or just sit and wait for the time to be right, is another moment lost forever, and another opportunity for you to grow that’s gone by. Get out there!

3. “Nothing is stopping you from going further than your own limitations.” That’s an exact quote from Sean which you’ll here in this chat, along with context around it.

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What a cool thing it was to get to talk to Sean!! I was not at all surprised that talking to him felt like sitting down with an old pal. Consider him another good soul and incredible resource as we all continue on our journeys of health, happiness and fulfillment.

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Sean Vigue
Sean’s YouTube Channel
Sean on Facebook
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Sean’s Fitness App
Sean’s 7-Day Yoga Challenge (video playlist)
Sean’s 7-Day Pilates Challenge (video playlist)

Books by Sean:

Power Yoga for Athletes: More than 100 Poses and Flows to Improve Performance in Any Sport
Pilates for Men: Build a Strong, Powerful Core and Body from Beginner to Advanced
Sean Vigue’s “SVF 365” 30 Day Fitness Program: All Levels Complete Training Program to Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Increase Flexibility
Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Beginner Workout Program: Total Beginner Bodyweight Program ft. Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility Training, Power Yoga and Core Training (Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Training Programs)
30 Days of Planks: Complete Core and Abdominal Fitness Workout Program (Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Training Programs Book 1)
Pilates for Athletes: Beginner to Advanced Total Training Program for Athletes in Every Sport
30 Days of Flexibility Training: Beginner to Advanced: Complete Yoga Stretching and Core Flexibility Training Program (Sean Vigue’s 30 Day Training Programs Book 2)
Sean Vigue’s 30 Days of Yoga: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Program for Weight Loss, Flexibility and Strength

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4 Responses to “Lifestyle over Motivation. A Journey of Fitness & Creativity: Sean Vigue – NSM Podcast, Ep. 15

  • Wow, this is an awesome insight into Sean, I have never heard bout him prior to reading your article. I am interested in starting Yoga as well, where do you think I should start from?

    • Hey Will,
      Thanks for your time and your note. I started by watching some of Sean’s videos on his very popular YouTube channel and found it to be very helpful. Maybe you’ll like it, too? It’d be great to mix in some stretching and a few yoga moves to keep you loose along with your running.
      Here’s a beginner stretching/yoga routine of Sean’s I really like:
      Best wishes!

  • Adrian Prince
    3 years ago

    I do like some of the insights that you brought out in your interview with him, I haven’t heard of him before and he sounds like an interesting character. I would like to take some time to check out his website and his YouTube channel, thanks for info here.

    • Thanks Adrian! Sean’s personality and approach are both appealing to me. Getting to speak with him was a kick, and I’m glad there are a lot of other people who enjoy his work as well. But as long as you’ve got what works for you, that’s great!
      Thanks for your time and comments.
      Be well,

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