Selling Urgency | Be Real Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 7

Selling Urgency | Be Real Do Better - The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 7How much do you like being nagged, bothered, rushed, hurried? Do you appreciate it when someone tells you to “hurry up?” Me neither.

Why then would we think that it’s a good idea to try and sell ourselves that way?

In most small business marketing scenarios, whatever is being advertised will be in greater supply than the demand for that product or service. The advertiser then tries to create the illusion of demand by proclaiming the need to act now or forever miss out.

And perhaps it might work from time-to-time, if not for the fact that so many other marketers are simultaneously saying the exact same thing, turning phrases like “Don’t miss out,” “Hurry!” and “For a limited time” into white noise irritations that do nothing to actually set the business and its message apart.

In this week’s episode, we cover:

– Telltale signs of trying to create urgency in small business advertising (“Rush!” “Limited seats available!” “Early-bird deadline is just 3 days away!”)

– Who the call for urgency is actually about; who it actually benefits.

– Rule of thumb: If there is truly a need to act with urgency, you won’t need to say so. It will be understood. On the other hand, as the advertiser, if you feel you need to say so, there’s no real need.

Key takeaway:

Objectively look and listen to what you’re saying and sharing about your product or service. How much are you trying to create urgency in areas where, deep down, you know that your supply far outweighs demand?

Look and listen to the messaging of others to see how common urgent phrasing is and ask yourself how it honestly makes you feel. At the very least, you should begin to notice how prevalent it is, and realize that adding yourself to the mix is akin to tossing an invisibility cloak on your message.

Give people at least a little bit of credit. They know you wouldn’t be offering an “early-bird” or advanced discount price if you thought you could sell all your inventory at regular price.

Be real about it. Do better. Dig in, differentiate, tell your own story, add value and solve problems. Do that long enough, and demand will increase all by itself.

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