Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race: The Ultimate Mindset & Marketing Solution

Kevin Bulmer | Run Your Own RaceMarketing Messaging That Stands Out, Connects & Grows Small Business

If you feel you could be getting more out of your marketing & advertising, you’re probably right.

It’s rare to see it done well, and here’s why:

We’re afraid to be who we really are. Or … we don’t know exactly what it means …

This is for you if you want to:

– Stand out from your market competitors.
– Increase revenue, engagement & return on investment.
– Improve productivity & process.
– Create original content, strategy, alignment & new streams of revenue.
– Reduce waste, risk, redundancy.

“But .. wait. Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

Not from what I can see. Instead, metaphorically, we race in circles, stuck in the same old story (i.e, “the way things are”) as we copy & mimic what we see from other advertisers, because we think that if they’re doing it a certain way, it must be working and it will work for us too.

It feels safe.

But it’s a bad idea.

It’s as true in business as it is at home: we follow along on what we see from others because we’re afraid to stand out.

… which is exactly what we should be doing with our marketing! But you have to do it authentically to be taken seriously.

If you’re looking for someone to come up with a catchy slogan, a gimmick or to tell you what sale to run next, call somebody else.

Those things aren’t the issue.

If, on the other hand, you want to rediscover what truly makes you unique, why you got into the business in the first place, what it is that you’re really selling and how to put that all together in an authentic and sustainable way, then I’m your guy.

Stop racing in circles.

Get off the hamster wheel.

Change tracks.

Use your own voice. Run your own race.

Step out of the old story and stand out from the crowd.

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Run your own race.
Step out of your story, stand out from the crowd.”


What People Are Saying About “Run Your Own Race”

“Kevin’s recent performance at the Business & Entrepreneurship Conference Northumberland certainly did not disappoint!  From the beginning planning stages months prior, right down to the day of the event and session execution – Kevin’s outgoing personality, captivating demeanor and professionalism certainly made for a wonderful working relationship.  Kevin delivered with enthusiasm and connected with the audience with his messaging on a personal level and we immediately received amazing reviews from our attendees on his two sessions.  You can clearly see the passion Kevin has for speaking and connecting with the audience that he truly cares to inspire and deliver
high quality and genuine messaging.  Thank you Kevin!”
– Kailyn Coupland, Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland Annual Conference

“Kevin Bulmer spent 3.5 hours engaging our attendees. He helped break down barriers by showing us the do’s and don’ts on marketing your business. Kevin took the extra step by make this workshop more personal for each attendee, he asked for each person who pre-registered to give their businesses name. He wanted this information so he could look up and do research on the business and help critique there marketing. He helped us understand where there business was lacking and applaud where they are succeeding. Kevin made the small/medium size businesses realize that they need to focus on making it more personal to connect better to their target market. The overall feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We, the Small Business Centre would be happy to welcome Kevin back!”
– Brianna Rossit, The Small Business Centre Belleville

“Informative, easy to understand, dependable, reasonable, funny … all words to describe Kevin Bulmer during his presentation on marketing at the Ontario Association of Food Banks Conference in Sarnia. 

Food banks are multi- service, social service non profit organizations offering a multitude of services and programs. How to market this is a challenge. Not only did Kevin understand, he sympathized with the attendees!  Kevin offered helpful, insightful examples of each food bank’s current website and social media usage. Wow! He did his homework!

The hour session was not long enough for all the questions and queries, and Kevin stayed afterwards to chat and discuss with many of the attendees.

Kevin is an authentic, sincere gentleman who wants to help everyone.  He embraces opportunity and serves those in his path.”
– Adelle Richards, Operations Manager at the Inn of The Good Shepherd | Ontario Association of Food Banks Annual Conference

“We had such a positive feedback about your talk. It was an eye opener for us with regards to the  challenges our club is facing right now. We need more speakers like you; you are on point and you have  significantly  touched  the topic our members need to hear.”
– Dr. Grace Carbilledo, President of Rotary Woodstock-Oxford

“You did a great job with your presentation. Everyone was impressed and I had many good comments from what you shared. Well Done!”
– Doug Vincent, Rotary International, United Nations Representative (Zone 24) & RCMP Federal Police Advisor