Stuck In Your Story: The Risk Of Racing In Circles

Stuck In Your Story: The Risk of Racing In Circles

Kevin Bulmer | Stuck in Your Story

Track One: Gear Up Your Marketing Results – The Advertising Tune-Up For Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Track Two: Digital Marketing Decoded (Workshop/Bootcamp only)

What can imagining your organization as a stock-car racing team do to help you understand how to get better results with your marketing and advertising?

Take it from a guy who used to run a race track: a lot.

Track One: Gear Up Your Marketing Results (The Advertising Tune-Up)

Caution. You’re lost in the crowd, stuck in the “Ad Trap.” It’s time to pull your marketing in for a pit stop. But we can tune it up quickly.

Step out of your story, stand out from the crowd.

  • Your marketing and advertising feels ineffective, inconsistent or directionless.
  • You’re not standing out: your advertising and outreach looks, sounds or feels so similar to that of others.
  • It feels like you’re drowning in choices from a sea of ad reps & digital options.
  • You’ve ever asked yourself, “How could people not know about us by now?”

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Gear up your marketing results: the advertising tune-up for small business & entreprneurs

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Track Two: Digital Marketing Decoded

Websites, Social Media, Keywords, SEO, Optimized, Digitized … where do we start?!?! 


It doesn’t have to be that hard. Let me show you.

Click for PDF of Workshop overview: Digital Marketing Decoded for Small Business & Entrepreneurs


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Run your own race.
Step out of your story, stand out from the crowd.”

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Ideally suited for:

Small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs looking to have a better understanding of their ideal market, their message and how best to creatively and effectively communicate and grow their business.

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Kevin’s Been There:

Kevin Bulmer at Delaware SpeedwayIn 1998, Kevin co-created, sold and produced a weekly radio talk show called “The Pit Crew” with his friend Mike Kilbreath. Sold-out before its first show, it went on to become a major hit, connecting Kevin with businesses in the industry, including the operators of Delaware Speedway, who hired him first as a track announcer and then as Sales & Marketing Director. He later became General Manager. The following year, the track was nominated for Small Business of the Year by the London Chamber of Commerce.

During that time, Kevin also announced for the CASCAR Super Series (now the NASCAR Pinty’s Series) at renowned venues such as Mosport International Raceway and the Toronto Molson Indy. He contributed columns to Inside Track Motorsport News, the Sarnia Observer and the Forest Standard over a period of several years.

In his time in the motorsports, Kevin worked with several top brands, including Coca-Cola, Budweiser (Labatt), NASCAR, Cintas, Carquest, Mopar and many others to activate multi-level sponsorships, ad campaigns and corporate hospitality.

In the time since, Kevin has worked directly with businesses on their marketing and advertising and is a unique example of someone who has been on both sides of the marketing. He’s been both buyer and seller while actually having been “on the air” as well (he still is, with his podcast). Through it all, he’s seen that most of the challenges he ran up against in his time in racing are fairly common to most small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This presentation was created to help.

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What People Are Saying About “Stuck In Your Story”

“We had such a positive feedback about your talk. It was an eye opener for us with regards to the  challenges our club is facing right now. We need more speakers like you; you are on point and you have  significantly  touched  the topic our members need to hear.”
– Dr. Grace Carbilledo, President of Rotary Woodstock-Oxford

“You did a great job with your presentation. Everyone was impressed and I had many good comments from what you shared. Well Done!”
– Doug Vincent, Rotary International, United Nations Representative (Zone 24) & RCMP Federal Police Advisor