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The Risk of Racing in Circles

The Questions:

How do we attract more customers, members, sponsors, donors, participants or volunteers?

How could people not know about us by now?

How do we differentiate our business, group, organization, association or committee from all the others we’re being compared to?

Why isn’t this working?!?!

The Opportunity:

Consider … it’s not about you.

Step out of your story, stand out from the crowd.

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Kevin Bulmer Speaking

Sometimes, the only thing left … is to go right. It’s especially true when everyone around you are all making left turns all the time. To go right is to break away. It feels risky, unnatural. But is it more risky to make that turn … or to stay with what feels safe but almost never brings a new result?

For about a decade, Kevin worked in the auto racing industry, including time as the General Manager of the first-ever NASCAR-sanctioned weekly race track in Canada (Delaware Speedway).

Talk about going round in circles …

In all that time working with teams, staff, sponsors, media, other facilities, series operators, advertisers and community organizations, one thing became painfully clear: Most everyone was stuck in the same story. And the result of that was missed opportunity, massive amounts of frustration and- in some cases – failure of some businesses entirely.

In fact, Kevin’s observed the same thing from the bulk of the businesses he’s represented as a media marketing advisor and in his days in event management in the decade since he left the racing industry. Over and over, it’s the same thing: marketers and entrepreneurs don’t seem to get that it’s not about them.

Good, hard-working, well-intentioned people with solid organizations continue to be frustrated, and they continue to make the same mistakes. Round and round they run in circles (just like the cars on the track), comparing themselves to each other, doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Looking for something new to happen, they dig in harder and try to complete more of the same circles faster.

Like most small business people and organizations Kevin’s met, the people he encountered in motorsports shared admirable traits like:

  1. They worked hard and, for the most part, had a positive mindset
  2. They were incredibly creative and resourceful
  3. They took massive amounts of action

With so many positive attributes in play, why was there so much frustration at attracting customers, sponsors and new participants?

Because that’s only three of four crucial things you need. And there was always one key ingredient missing. Just like going out on the track with one loose tire, you can’t hide from a bad vibration. Ignore it, and you eventually crash. You need all four tires balanced and tight.

So what’s the fourth tire?

Awareness and accountability. You simply can’t win without it. In this presentation, we’ll discover why.

By the way … how many of the four tires are currently loose in your business?

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What We’ll Cover:

Identify Your Storytelling (“This Is How It’s Done”) – In racing, as with most every business category, there were certain things you “didn’t do,” other things you simply “couldn’t do” and then an entire series of things you “had to do,” if for no other reason but because that’s “just what we do.” Kevin will share some examples to get you thinking about what those are in your organization.

What stories are you telling yourself? (hint: they sound like this: “That’s not the way we do things.” “That won’t work because …” “We already tried that and …”)

Examples of Storybusting (“That’ll Never Work” … except it did) – Here we’ll recount several examples of “doing what can’t be done” – some serious story-busting!

What stories of yours are waiting to be busted?

Examples of Busted Storybusting (“Well … That Didn’t Work” & How They Help Too!) – In the sake of fairness and fun, we’ll go over some examples of some things that didn’t work out so well, what was learned, and how that helped going forward.

What “busts” have you had? What learning did you extract from it?

The “Wow!” Frustration, and What To Do About It – The place had been there 50 years+ and every single week, people would say, “Wow! I had no idea it was here.” That was nice and frustrating all at the same time.

What’s the “Wow!” in your business that drives you nuts?

The Ad Trap: An Awful Mistake Most Small Businesses Make – Sharing examples of wasted advertising expenditures, paying all sorts of money to say all sorts of things that meant nothing except to anyone already stuck in the story. We’ll also share examples of finally getting it right, and how the power of the collective fear of “the story” ended up wrecking it and bringing it right back where it was.

Are you in the ad trap? How can we get you out?

The Mixed Blessing of Legacy – For one of the first times in our history, legacy might actually hurt as much as it helps in gaining the attention of new generations of consumers and decision makers. History can be hip, or history can hurt, and it’s a high-wire all business people must learn to walk.

Are you late to innovate, hiding behind legacy?

Stories Collide – Kevin will share the great irony of how and why he ultimately felt he couldn’t stay in the business and left. He couldn’t see how much h’d helped change the story … because he was too stuck inside his own.

Could stories be colliding inside your business, slowing you down?

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Kevin’s Been There:

In 1998, Kevin co-created, sold and produced a weekly radio talk show called “The Pit Crew” with his friend Mike Kilbreath. Sold-out before its first show, it went on to become a major hit, connecting Kevin with businesses in the industry, including the operators of Delaware Speedway, who hired him first as a track announcer and then as Sales & Marketing Director. He later became General Manager. The following year, the track was nominated for Small Business of the Year by the London Chamber of Commerce.

During that time, Kevin also announced for the CASCAR Super Series (now the NASCAR Pinty’s Series) at renowned venues such as Mosport International Raceway and the Toronto Molson Indy. He contributed columns to Inside Track Motorsport News, the Sarnia Observer and the Forest Standard over a period of several years.

In his time in the motorsports, Kevin worked with several top brands, including Coca-Cola, Budweiser (Labatt), NASCAR, Cintas, Carquest, Mopar and many others to activate multi-level sponsorships, ad campaigns and corporate hospitality.

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“Safe is risky.”

– Seth Godin

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