As Speaker or MC:

“I think my exact words were, ‘I feel like I could lift a building right now,’ because I was just so empowered by your presentation … It blew me out of the water. It was what I was expecting and then some and more after that. It was really, really impressive. This is how we wanted to end the conference, leaving people feeling good, feeling empowered, walking away with a sense of, ‘Life may have handed me a couple curve balls, but I can make a change and I can make the most out of my situation.’”
– Stephanie McGill, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of London & Region

“I heard Kevin Bulmer at an Ottawa event and you could hear a pin drop during his opener, laughs from the other room during his stories and throats swallowing at his authenticity. You will love him! I do!”
– Tracy Schmitt, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian

“I really admire the way Kevin takes his message and connects it with audiences. I’ve seen him do this and he’s got such a personal and such a profound human style to him where you really feel he’s only talking to you. If you’re looking for a speaker to really connect with your audience in a real personal way for your next event, look no further: Kevin Bulmer.”
– Gair Maxwell, International Speaker & Author, TEC Canada’s “Speaker of the Year” (2012)

“It was great! There were a lot of really good comments on the evaluation. People really liked it. You (Kevin) got to people today. I would recommend (Kevin) highly.”
– Mary Lynne Stewart – Director of Fund Development & Communications,
March of Dimes Canada ( “Opening Doors for Accessibility” Event)

“He was great! I loved his natural conversational style and fresh ideas to living life well! Everyone was engaged in the conversation!”
– Michel Neray, Co-Author of “The Great Crossover” and Founder of MoMondays

“The speech was amazing. Kevin did such a great job. He interacted with the crowd and … made it very personal. I was very impressed. It actually almost had me in tears a few times. Really, compared to the rest of the speeches that were going on today, yours (Kevin’s) was the most relatable and the one that people reacted the most to. It was great. Overall, the feedback has been very positive. People came up and talked to me afterward about how good it was, and that’s what I thought too.”
– Mike Mulligan – Owner/Founder of Moving Forward Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre
(“Opening Doors for Accessibility” Event)

“We had such a positive feedback about your talk. It was an eye opener for us with regards to the  challenges our club is facing right now. We need more speakers like you; you are on point and you have  significantly  touched  the topic our members need to hear.”
– Dr. Grace Carbilledo, President of Rotary Woodstock-Oxford

“You did a great job with your presentation. Everyone was impressed and I had many good comments from what you shared. Well Done!”
– Doug Vincent, Rotary International, United Nations Representative (Zone 24) & RCMP Federal Police Advisor

“Kevin, your Rise Like a Phoenix, Race Like a Turtle talk touched my heart several times, and even brought tears to my eyes. What you said was delivered so professionally and flawlessly, that my attention was riveted on you the whole time. Your message is a valuable one that everyone needs to hear,  take to heart, and act upon. Thank you!”
–       Sheila Stevenson, Certified Trauma Relief Coach

“Kevin’s stage presence, confidence, passion and authentic energy is powerful. He amplifies his inspiring story by living the message he shares.”
– Michael Doyle, Speaker, Coach, Author of “At The Helm” & co-host of MoMondays London

“Kevin recently delivered an outstanding story/performance at MoMondays London. Not only is Kevin eloquent, he is an extremely gifted songwriter and wordsmith. He executes and delivers his story in a way that captivates his audience and has them listening to every word. We were honoured to have Kevin commence our evening of speakers! The audience gave him rave reviews and we would be honoured to have him return anytime. Thank you Kevin for your ROCK STAR performance and delivery!”
– Melissa Schenk, CEO of MS2 Productions, Keynote Speaker & co-host of MoMondays London

“I am so impressed with Kevin’s great talent and passion for speaking.  He truly engages and energizes his audience through the genuine telling of his own life experiences.   His authenticity and heartfelt stories give a fresh perspective on living a life of happiness, gratitude, purpose, and a commitment to continual inner growth. Through his powerful yet humble demeanor and real life accounts of his own personal journey, he intrigues us, motivates us, inspires us and engages us in challenging our self-imposed barriers to fulfilling our own potential.”
–       Melissa Whaling, Fund Development Coordinator, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

“It was both inspirational, and at the same time, informative. Watching the audience has always been something that I do whenever there are entertainers around because then I see what kind of energy is going back and forth, and as I was in a position here as Chair of the meeting today, to look out and see all my Rotarian friends, they were all riveted. Every one of them were giving you full attention and some of them were even making notes. And you could tell that some were either underscoring what they feel about life or discovering some things even at this late stage in their lives that they need to know. So it was a riveting presentation.”
– Jim Swan, President-Elect, Rotary of London

“Hi Kevin, Your talk was very inspiring and I’m sure everyone in the room identified with you as they recalled past and present similar challenges of life. Stuart McLean passed away this week and when I heard that, I immediately thought of your talk the other night. Stuart had the ability to totally captivate everyone with a story and a message at the end.  He left us too soon.  You have that same talent and ability and you should pursue it aggressively.”
– Bill Fellner, The Millhouse / Arva Flour Mill

“What a joy it is to work with Kevin! We were thrilled that he was able to be our MC at a recent comedy night fundraiser for the Rowbust Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing Team! He took the time to get to know us, to chat with us and hear our stories so that he could confidently speak about us and accurately relay our message. He exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with him again!”
– Rowbust Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing Team, “Boob Tour” Comedy Night Fundraiser

“We were thrilled to have Kevin as host of Rock for Dimes London. He was an enthusiastic and sincere emcee, who kept the night moving, and the crowd lively and entertained. He also used his network and social media accounts to help us promote the fundraiser, which was so appreciated. We would love to have him back, and would recommend him to anybody looking for a great Master of Ceremonies!”
– Mary Lynne Stewart – Director of Fund Development & Communications,
March of Dimes Canada | Rock for Dimes Fundraiser

“As you do so often on the radio for various groups, you became a crusader for the cause and made it your own. It is a delight to have a radio personality who does not just read the script.”
– Organization for Literacy in Lambton

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As a Coach (“The Turtle Tribe” Community)

“It is an honor to be part of the Turtle Tribe. It is a very special group of friends that inspire and support me in my path of growth and success. I truly dance and sing when I am listening to Kevin’ words. His energy is contagious and a bless in my life. To all my turtle tribe friends I love you so much!”
– Maria Laura Gaspar

“I found the Turtle Tribe or should I say The Turtle tribe found me, in a time of need, in a time I was feeling completely alone and hopeless, but now that loneliness and hopelessness has transformed into new opportunities for learning about myself and sharing the process of awareness with others in the same path. Thank you Kevin for putting together this wonderful group and for being there in this time of need.”
– Francisco Anglade

“My experience with the Turtle Tribe has been nothing short of fantastic.  The people in the Tribe are concerned,  conscious, giving people who are willing to be vulnerable when asking for help. Our Tribe leader,  Kevin has the energy of a Energizer bunny while having the patience of the best friend you could ever ask for. His diligence with keeping up with relevance within the community is amazing.  I don’t know how he does it. If you’re welcomed into our Tribe feel honored and come with your thinking cap and expertise of your own!”
– Cheryl Parker

“When you’re part of the Turtle Tribe, you are never alone. You share and have access to useful information, encouragement, inspiration, strategies. Whichever the situation that you need advice on, the topic you wish to discuss or the problem your are stumbling upon lately, and that you would love to overrun, well … there’s a very good chance that Kevin Bulmer will come up with the “just to the point” video you need or the right story that will echo with yours! 

Being part of the tribe does not only make me feel part of a great adventure with interesting and generous people, but also thankful to be able to exchange with like-minded people.”
– Florence Reymond

“Joining Kevin Bulmer’s Turtle Tribe means having a comfortable space in which you can explore what it means to live to your fullest potential. As a trusted and authentic friend and mentor Kevin challenges, guides and encourages you to look at what you can do to win at the game of life. Kevin  draws together a tribe of friends in whose company you feel loved and supported wherever you are in your journey.”
– Lynda Oosthuizen

“Kevin always leads by example. The support is phenomenal. It’s a community with a purpose that inspired the uninspired to Rise Like a Phoenix and Race Like a Turtle. It’s a community where each individual’s uniqueness is valued, appreciated and respected in knowing that everyone’s journey and experience are unique and special in their own way. We follow leader simply because of that. Kevin, you are phenomenal human being who gives it all to live the purpose of the Tribe.”
– Tokilupe Nadz

“Kevin, you are a beam of cosmic light blasting through the galaxy. And your light is so bright and warming. I so enjoy your light and friendship! I can see you are letting it rip with your awesomeness and I love that!”
– Sarah Corey

“I really love how you so willingly share every part of your journey to help others – thank you! ”
– Rachel Jenkins

“It’s so nice to feel understood for once! It’s also nice to hear it from an insider’s perspective, Kevin, since you’ve worked in media companies and have seen it from behind the scenes.”
– Maria Helena Ahlberg

“Thanks Kevin, for showing up! You are doing amazing things and stretching, being vulnerable putting your whole self into what you do is very apparent … You are so right. We cannot do it alone. I love your title for the group.”
– Nancy Rose

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“Journeys with the No Schedule Man” Podcast:

“Being on Kevin’s podcast was an amazing experience for me. I gravitate to authenticity and Kevin is as real as they come. Our interview flowed and it felt like we were just two old friends having a conversation.”

– Cornell Thomas, Speaker, Author & Coach

“Chatting with Kevin is like having coffee with an old friend. His style of interviewing is easy and fun while helping you get to the root of your message. I honestly can say this has been one of the best interviews I’ve done (out of over 25) and Kevin is an EXCELLENT host.  I am beyond delighted with the result and will be sharing this interview with the world! Thank you Kevin for helping me get my message out there and helping me shine”.

– Katie Kozlowski, Spiritual Alchemist | LovingToBeMe.com

“I loved sitting down and sharing my story with Kevin. He not only genuinely listens and cares about his guests, he also creates a welcoming and feel-good atmosphere to hang out with him in. Kevin brings out the best in you, by sharing the best of him.”
– Carlen Costa, Sexologist & Relationship Psychotherapist

“I was truly impressed with Kevin and his amazing interview skills.  It was so easy to step into speaking about my life’s passion for being a catalyst to people being able to love and be loved to their fullest capacity. And, I truly got that Kevin has done his own deep journey through this minefield of the heart – so that he could explore with me the points I was bringing up! How grateful I am to Kevin for this opportunity to be interviewed by him! “
– Kim Von Berg, Thriving Loving Relationships

“Kevin, you’re an amazing interviewer. As a podcaster myself, I’m always nervous when the tables are turned on me but you create an environment that’s very safe. I shared things I hadn’t talked about on any other show. Thanks for having me on and congratulations on having a great show.”
– Winne Anderson, Host of The Let’s Talk Tech Show

”I had the pleasure & privilege recently to collaborate with Kevin Bulmer after he very graciously requested an interview with me for his No Schedule Man Podcast. I found Kevin to be an extremely empathetic & knowledgeable host who had obviously thoroughly done his research prior to our call. His relaxed approach to the process contributed greatly to a thoroughly enjoyable experience …I look forward to working with him again in the not too distant future.”
– Sue Curr, Speaker & Empowerment Coach 

“Kevin, you are exceptionally good at interviewing people, because you listen intently, not only with your ears, but with your heart. The most authentic questions you asked came from that caring place.. You prepared a safe space for me to share, and together we created a worthy offering for listeners. Thank you.”
– Sheila M. Stevenson. A.C.C. |Human Potential Coach: Clear Limiting Beliefs – Face Life With Resilience

“Kevin asked great questions and I got positive feedback after being on the podcast.”
– Lisa Brandt – Author, Voice Talent, Morning News Anchor on 1290 CJBK (formerly of 680 News Toronto)

“I really enjoyed talking to Kevin on his podcast. He’s a great guy and I hope we can talk again, many times”
– Kevin O’Hara – Alcohol Mastery.com

“It was a true delight to be interviewed by Kevin. It was more like a comfortable easy going fire side chat. Kevin doesn’t just fire away a list of questions and hear what you have to say, he really listens from the heart. Thank you Kevin.”
– Jason Stephenson – Meditation Masters.tv & Relax Me Online.com

“Kevin, Thank you again for a great discussion. Thank you for your insightful questions, your energy, your excellent research on my life, and your genuine interest in me and my work. It is so appreciated.”
– Andy Thibodeau, Speaker (Impact Presentations)

“Kevin made me feel right at home. His engaging manner showed he was sincerely interested in hearing our story.”
– David Ciccarelli – CEO, Voices.com

“Kevin makes it extremely easy to create a wonderful conversation! The way he approaches interviews is to be authentic and real. He has the flexibility to go wherever the conversation takes him. Authenticity is the core of what makes Kevin’s podcast so free flowing and filled with meaningful dialogue. His questions inspire contemplative and honest answers. I highly recommend being part of Kevin’s podcast if you are given this wonderful opportunity.”
– Sara Westbrook – Speaker, Author, Singer (Upower Presentations)

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As Musician:

“‘Song for Sean’ is a powerful song with a compelling story”
  James Reaney, London Free Press

“Kevin Bulmer writes about his hometown, his own past,and their shared history, describing with a clear eye the place that shaped his songs. He writes and performs with undeniable passion.”
– David Francey, 3-Time JUNO award winner

“You have talent and skill. Good work!”
– Janet Fisher, Goodnight Kiss Music

“Kevin Bulmer is a man of many talents”
– John Sharpe, SCENE Magazine

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In General:

“You are one of those rare special people who come along in life that light up the soul and make everything seem so worthwhile and possible.”
– George Lightfoot, Entrepreneur Support Services

“I have always found Kevin’s word to be honest and with integrity at the highest level. The company or individual that has Kevin involved in any capacity with their company or project will be very fortunate. He will be an absolute asset for anyone he represents.”
-Bob Martin, Bob Martin Golf Inc., & the Golf Warehouse Ltd.

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As Sales & Marketing Consultant:

“He took the time to learn about YNCU, he listened to what our plans were and he acted … I cannot begin to explain how impressed I am with Kevin as our Sales Rep. I always have high expectations of Sales Reps and Kevin surpassed them. I appreciate his professionalism and honesty which I find are rare these days.”
– Tara Parachuck, Marketing Specialist, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union

“I have never worked with an account manager who cares so much about our success.”
Kyla Woodcock, President, Forest City Sport & Social Club

“In this era of ever-increasing competitive markets, Kevin Bulmer understands business branding and has helped me steadily grow my client base and business.”
John Goodwin Real Estate Broker

“Kevin has been a great advisor to us helping us with successful marketing solutions. A great guy to work with. Enjoy the tunes too!”
– Rick McKinnon, Miami Car Wash

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