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Support, Encouragement & A Shared Example Of Continual Growth

Created in 2017, “The Turtle Tribe” is Kevin’s global online personal growth support community, presently hosted on Facebook.

Membership is free for active email subscribers (see below to opt in).

Here’s a word-for-word description from one of our community members:

“The Turtle Tribe is a community of unrivaled empathetic support, encouragement, guidance and mentorship to assist in achieving living life on your terms from one of the very best motivational coaches of today, among a group of like-minded inspirational people also on a journey to live life to the full.”

This may be a great fit for you if:

~ You want more out of life. You can see that others are setting and achieving goals and living with health, wealth and great relationships. You see that it’s possible, but can’t quite seem to get yourself going in the same way.

~ You’ve become interested in personal and profession growth and are open to trying new things but you don’t feel you have many people (or anyone) you feel can talk to about these kinds of things.

~ You’re tired of being told that, to have success, you have to “grind,” be in “beast mode,” never sleep, work til you drop , etc, etc.

~ You may not feel 100% sure “who you really are” or “what it is you really want.”

~ You’ve been thinking you might like to have access to some sort of coaching support but don’t want to get tied up into a expensive and potentially lengthy commitment.

~ It feels like so many people are just trying to sell you something rather than actually listen, support, share and help you.

This community represents a safe, comfortable space where you can explore and pursue what it means to do your best work and live your best life … from your own place and at your own pace.

You can drop in and out as you please.  To listen. To be heard. To collaborate. To support, and to share.

Or, just to watch and keep to yourself, if that’s what works best for you.

It’s open 24/7 … 365.

That’s pretty much what we’ve created in an online personal growth support community, hosted on Facebook, that we call, “The Turtle Tribe.

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What’s inside? What’s in it for me?

24/7 access to positive, empathetic personal growth support and encouragement, from your own space, at your own pace. There are members from, quite literally, all around the world.

Daily access to Kevin as he supports and shares through each step of his own journey of personal and professional growth, with content he doesn’t share anywhere else, including observations, questions, creative collaboration, encouragement & empowerment on matters related to personal and professional growth.

Webinars (online workshops) in which you may participate live or watch the replay any time you like (all videos and coaching resources remain permanently available to active members in our “files” section). Recent topics included, “Making 2019 Amazing: How to chart your own course with a 4-page playbook” (screen shot below), “Feel Good Now: How to spin a mood from bad to good to great,” “How To Get Happy: The magic mindset shift that changes everything,” and, “Set Yourself Free: Simple tricks to help change a habit.”

Kevin Bulmer Webinar Screenshot

~ On-going “Turtle Tips” on a variety of matters related to personal and professional growth

~ Wide variety of coaching videos, worksheets and exercises including “How To Get Clear on What Matters Most To You” and “Creating Your Awesome Life Playbook: Setting Annual, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals” (and many, many more)

The Turtle Tribe - Worksheets

~ Video Q&A sessions and interviews with other “experts” (example topics include “8 Money Archetypes,” “The Keys to Finding Balance,” “Discovering Your Personal Success Formula,” “The Keys To Clarity and 5 Pillars to Sustainable Change,” “How To Promote Yourself Using Social Media,” and several others).

The Turtle Tribe - Video Q&A

~ Periodic live, interactive video “mastermind” sessions with other members.

The Turtle Tribe - Mastermind

100+ coaching videos not shared anywhere else ..

The Turtle Tribe - Videos

Immediate and complete access to the entire archived content of worksheets, videos, trainings, Expert Q&A’s & Mastermind Sessions and access to everything new that is created and shared for as long as you’re an active member.

How does that sound?

How much is it?

~ 100% Free for Kevin’s active email subscribers.

To join in, please enter your name and email address. The link to the online community will be sent to you after you confirm your email address.

What current Turtle Tribe members are saying:

“It is an honor to be part of the Turtle Tribe. It is a very special group of friends that inspire and support me in my path of growth and success. I truly dance and sing when I am listening to Kevin’ words. His energy is contagious and a bless in my life. To all my turtle tribe friends I love you so much!”
– Maria Laura Gaspar

“I found the Turtle Tribe or should I say The Turtle tribe found me, in a time of need, in a time I was feeling completely alone and hopeless, but now that loneliness and hopelessness has transformed into new opportunities for learning about myself and sharing the process of awareness with others in the same path. Thank you Kevin for putting together this wonderful group and for being there in this time of need.”
– Francisco Anglade

“My experience with the Turtle Tribe has been nothing short of fantastic.  The people in the Tribe are concerned,  conscious, giving people who are willing to be vulnerable when asking for help. Our Tribe leader,  Kevin has the energy of a Energizer bunny while having the patience of the best friend you could ever ask for. His diligence with keeping up with relevance within the community is amazing.  I don’t know how he does it. If you’re welcomed into our Tribe feel honored and come with your thinking cap and expertise of your own!”
– Cheryl Parker

“When you’re part of the Turtle Tribe, you are never alone. You share and have access to useful information, encouragement, inspiration, strategies. Whichever the situation that you need advice on, the topic you wish to discuss or the problem your are stumbling upon lately, and that you would love to overrun, well … there’s a very good chance that Kevin Bulmer will come up with the “just to the point” video you need or the right story that will echo with yours!

Being part of the tribe does not only make me feel part of a great adventure with interesting and generous people, but also thankful to be able to exchange with like-minded people.”
– Florence Reymond

“Joining Kevin Bulmer’s Turtle Tribe means having a comfortable space in which you can explore what it means to live to your fullest potential. As a trusted and authentic friend and mentor Kevin challenges, guides and encourages you to look at what you can do to win at the game of life. Kevin  draws together a tribe of friends in whose company you feel loved and supported wherever you are in your journey.”
– Lynda Oosthuizen

“Kevin always leads by example. The support is phenomenal. It’s a community with a purpose that inspired the uninspired to Rise Like a Phoenix and Race Like a Turtle. It’s a community where each individual’s uniqueness is valued, appreciated and respected in knowing that everyone’s journey and experience are unique and special in their own way. We follow leader simply because of that. Kevin, you are phenomenal human being who gives it all to live the purpose of the Tribe.”
– Tokilupe Nadz

“Kevin, you are a beam of cosmic light blasting through the galaxy. And your light is so bright and warming. I so enjoy your light and friendship! I can see you are letting it rip with your awesomeness and I love that!”
– Sarah Corey

“I really love how you so willingly share every part of your journey to help others – thank you! ”
– Rachel Jenkins

“It’s so nice to feel understood for once! It’s also nice to hear it from an insider’s perspective, Kevin, since you’ve worked in media companies and have seen it from behind the scenes.”
– Maria Helena Ahlberg

“Thanks Kevin, for showing up! You are doing amazing things and stretching, being vulnerable putting your whole self into what you do is very apparent … You are so right. We cannot do it alone. I love your title for the group.”
– Nancy Rose


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