When Should I Advertise? | Be Real Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 9

When Should I Advertise? | Be Real Do Better - The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 9One of the questions I have been asked the most over the years is, “When is the best time for me to advertise?”

Not to be glib about it, but my immediate reaction would always be to wonder, “Well, when are you open for business?”

Most often, the question would come from someone running a small-to-midsize business who felt that only their sales or  big events were worth advertising. Either they didn’t feel their day-to-day operations were worth advertising, or they didn’t feel they could afford it. Or both.

These days, with so many low or no-cost options available to even the most frugal of businesses, there is little excuse not to be sharing your story and offering the opportunity for interaction and engagement on at least some level.

Perhaps we should swap out the word “advertising” for the word “marketing.” I believe that advertising is a part of marketing but does not necessarily define it. And marketing is something that we should be doing all the time. 

In this episode, we cover:

– The typical advertising and marketing patterns that I’ve seen from most small businesses, and why it’s not particularly effective.

– What kind of mindset (and action set) will better serve you (and your budget) over the long run.

– A couple of examples to help gain some perspective on how unlikely it is to create long-term gain from a short-term cause-and-effect strategy.

Key Takeaway:

Take an honest look at the patterns of your marketing efforts. Do you rev them up only when you have an event, a fundraiser, ticket drive or some sort of sale? Or are you continually “dropping seeds in the ground,” starting conversations, engaging, interacting and telling your own story in your own voice?

See if you can identify some areas where you can be more patient, take your time and build more of a relationship and familiarity in between promotions or events that will serve you very very well in the long run.

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